Immigrant Stories

Were your parents or grandparents immigrants to the U.S.? Register to add your story and write about immigrating to the United States. You might want to include why you and your family came to the United States, what the most difficult changes were, or something exciting about your new country. Upload photos and videos that help tell your story or the story of your parents, relatives, or ancestors.


My Grandfather Came From Mexico
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My grandfather came from Mexico legally to find a job and seek better opportunities. He later went back to Mexico with his earnings to help his family. My mother and father also immigrated to the U.S. However, they did so illegally. My parents got jobs and eventually became legal citizens. My parents came to seek better opportunities and a more prosperous life. Because of their accomplishments, I have a great life today. I now appreciate and realize the struggles people go through to better their lives.



The U.S.-Mexico border (Source: Wikimedia Commons)



S.P., California

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