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Throughout U.S. history, immigration has always played a vital role in American life and politics. It is no less vital today. In fact, immigration issues are constantly in the headlines. Lawmakers-from the local to the national level-grapple with these issues. It is crucial that students also discuss and deal with these issues on an ongoing basis. This is the purpose of this website.

With initial funding from the Weingart Foundation, Constitutional Rights Foundation (CRF) has created this website to provide teachers and students in America's classrooms with the means to address these issues productively and critically. Educating About Immigration is a one-stop informational and interactive clearinghouse on topics of U.S. immigration. It is primarily intended as a source for curriculum, but the general public is also invited to use it to learn more about immigration, its history, and current controversies.

Our Perspective
Immigration issues can spark great controversy. CRF does not take sides in any of these controversies. We are a non-partisan civic-education organization. We strive to create high-quality, unbiased, and balanced curricular materials and present all sides to a controversy fairly. It is up to the users of our materials to form their own opinions. We have no political or ideological agenda. Our agenda is to educate, not to promote a particular point of view.

As more and more people use this site and add to its content through its interactive features, we expect the site to grow and remain timely and useful to all those interested in immigration, its causes, effects, and contributions to American cultural and political life. We invite users of this site to provide feedback to help the site grow.

How to Use This Site
This site provides a rich array of content on immigration issues. Delve in to what you are interested in. Post an interesting or informative personal narrative on immigration in the Immigrant Stories section. In addition, the site offers special features for teachers and students.

Teachers: You can access lessons for classroom use. Each lesson is tailored to a specific article in the Current Issues section. More general lesson ideas for use with the Proposed Legislation and Court Cases content can also be found in the Lesson Plans section.

Students: Get help with an immigration research project, share an opinion, or become active in the issues you care about by clicking on the For Students tab. You may also want to do a service project using our project ideas.



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